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Established in 2010, Circle TLC Ranch, Inc has helped hurting and traumatized youth and families find healing and empowerment through the gentle guidance of horses, (aka: Equine Assisted Therapy-EAT) The children we work with have experienced abandonment, abuse, trauma, and horrible events in their short life. Their precious lives have been filled with such hurt and fear, it forms a way of thinking that traps them and hinders them from being able to handle life’s daily challenges appropriately. It cripples their ability to succeed, pretty much in every area of their life. The suicide rate increased over 30% from 2011 to 2021 in younger children. Horses have a way of helping individuals such as these. We have seen children overcome trauma, deal with mental issues, overcome addiction, PTSD, eating disorders, anxiety, low self-worth, and help identify negative patterns in their life that hinders them from living to their full potential. There is something magnificent that occurs when you put a hurting, mentally trapped child with this large loving and intuitive animal. At first, the fear and admiration of the horse draws the child into a conversation, only the two of them will be having. As they continue to be exposed to the horses and our programs, it seems to unlock the hearts of these troubled ones and that’s where the healing begins. Like humans- horses are very responsive and social animals. Unlike humans-they are not judgmental, don’t have hidden agendas, and don’t have any sort of expectations. They do however, mirror the behavior of the individual and this is where the identification of the issues begin.


Our ultimate goal is to see broken lives restored, and to see our clients empowered to overcome and conquer difficulties that life sometimes brings. We hope to see them empowered to overcome any weakness that they feel they have, and encourage them to dream again and get a vision for their future. This is done simply by the handling of our gentle giants.  Horses do not judge, but are reflective of our own behavior.  This helps to identify negative patterns in our lives and helps us to heal and grow. 
                                   Also known as EAP/EAL - Equine Assisted Learning/Psychotherapy.


We never discriminate against any children/women whether gender, race, religious beliefs, or socio-economic status.  All are welcome through our membership or the generous donations of scholarships and sponsorships. Where there is a desire, we will make a way!!


- We are always looking for sponsors for those less fortunate. See our wish list and sponsor packages -

Our Team

Tammy Collins
Exe. Director/Certified EAF
Natalie Gilbert

Lead Volunteer

Dr. Jennifer Anderson
Counseling Therapist

Abigail Debus

Lead Volunteer

Julie Caldwell
Fundraising Manager

Kuri Reinicke


Our Offerings

As this horse above is able to see her reflection in the puddle made by a raining day, so are our client's time with us, REFLECTIVE!

Our Mission
"Healing Hearts and Minds through the love of equines"

We are always looking for volunteers!

No experience necessary -
just willingness!

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